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Invasive marine species benefit from rising CO2 levels

Quincy grocers trade in same turtle species that was found on Wollaston Beach

Green Crab and Asian Shore Crab recipes!

Green crabs are multiplying. Should we eat the enemy?

The Problem with Aquatic Invasive Species in Narragansett Bay

Green crab for eel swap proposed...would hit invasive crab population, preserve threatened eels

Discovery could make green crab a popular food, say researchers

Survey confirms green crab threat to fishery

Non-Native Seaweed in MA (MA CZM guidance)

Invasive Species Driving Down Clammers' Haul

Gigantic mola mola fish washes ashore in St. Andrews

RI "Seaweed Census"

Report on the 2010 Rapid Assessment Survey of Marine Species at New England Floating Docks and Rocky Shores

The U.S. Coast Guard announces the acceptance of nine ballast water treatment systems

Chinese Mitten Crab Found in Connecticut Waters

Invasive Seaweed Found in Great Bay, NH


     Welcome to the Rhode Island Marine & Estuarine Invasive Species Site! This site contains a wealth of information on the marine and estuarine invasive species that pose a threat to Rhode Island waters. The site includes species profiles, identification cards, professional education and outreach documents, links, and more. The site exists as a means to distribute information about invasive species to stakeholders in the state of Rhode Island, and was created in 2010 by the Narragansett Bay Research Reserve's (NBNERR) Coastal Training Program (CTP) as a part of the outreach and education efforts outlined in the Rhode Island Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan.
     The RIAIS Management Plan was drafted in 2007 by the RI Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC), the Department of Environmental Management (DEM), the RI Natural History Survey (RINHS), and the University of Rhode Island (URI). It outlines Rhode Island's strategy for dealing with invasive species, and assigns tasks related to outreach, education, prevention, monitoring, and management to various environmental organizations around the state. These organizations collectively form the RIAIS Working Group.


Chinese Mitten Crab Alert

Potential Invasive Species Threats to Narragansett Bay

Water Recreation Guide to Marine Invasive Species Brochure

Keeping Track of Marine Invasive Species in Narragansett Bay article

RI Aquatic Invasive Species Stakeholder Needs Assessment

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